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Warmly congratulate our company on the exclusive drafting of the national standard 20141997-T-496 "D

Issuing time:2019-07-17 09:40

Recently, the company reported the "die guide slider" and other three national standard standards were promoted to the national standard was officially established by the National Standards Commission.

The establishment of the three standards has further demonstrated the position of the company in the same industry, reversed the fact that there is no unified standard for similar equipment in the domestic market, and there are no basic conditions for market access, resulting in a disorderly state of competition in the consumption of a large number of manpower and material resources.

It will effectively promote the rapid development of household electrical appliances, moulds and other industries in China.

The three standards are drafted by our company and have completely independent intellectual property rights.

The basic technical requirements, working performance, precision, safety and hygiene, appearance, assembly quality, painting and antirust of sheet metal forming equipment, foaming equipment, vacuum molding machine and vacuum molding mould are specified in detail.

Packaging and a series of technical content.

All three standards have no national standards and industry standards, and are the first domestic product technical standards, which fill in the technical gaps of similar domestic products, are in the leading domestic level, reach the international advanced level, and are innovative and practical.

And can be widely used in household appliances, building materials, automobiles, molds and other industries, economic and social benefits are very obvious.