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Warm congratulations to Elite Home Appliances Company on being approved to set up postdoctoral Resea

Issuing time:2019-07-17 09:39

In January 2012, the Anhui Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Affairs announced the second batch of units approved to set up provincial postdoctoral research workstations in the province. Elite home appliance companies are on the list. The acquisition of this honor is a breakthrough in the realization of Chuzhou postdoctoral research workstations.

In recent years, with the continuous growth of enterprises, the company not only increases the introduction of talents, but also pays special attention to the training and reserve of outstanding talents.

In 2011, our company joined forces with Hefei University of Technology and Chuzhou University, and applied for the establishment of a postdoctoral research station.

It is another important platform to further train and absorb innovative high-level technical personnel, promote technological innovation of our company, and promote the process of integration of production, learning and research. It is also bound to play an important role in promoting scientific and technological progress and economic development of enterprises.