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Warm congratulations on the listing of our company in the special edition of science and technology

Issuing time:2019-07-15 00:00


In order to enhance the service level of the provincial regional equity market to improve the ability of scientific and technological innovation in Anhui Province, and to accelerate the development of strategic emerging industries in the province's high-tech industries,

We will promote more scientific and innovative enterprises in Anhui to turn to higher-level capital markets at home and abroad, strive to enhance the province's ability to form innovative capital, and support the construction of the "four one" innovation main platforms such as the Hefei Comprehensive National Science Center.

Anhui Province has decided to set up a special board on scientific and technological innovation in the provincial equity trusteeship trading center.

Up to now, there are 5403 high-tech enterprises in Anhui Province, 63 domestic listed companies in the category of scientific and technological innovation, and more than 160 "new third board" listed companies in the category of scientific and technological innovation.

In the provincial regional equity market, more than 1500 scientific and technological innovation enterprises have been listed in the first batch of enterprises in Anhui Province.

Chen Yimin, chairman of Anhui Equity Trust Trading Center, told reporters:

In the future, Anhui Province regional equity market science and technology innovation board will connect with the Shanghai Stock Exchange Science and Technology Innovation Board, "after docking, cultivation, financing, to help more Anhui science and technology enterprises to enter a higher capital market."

The success of our company is not only their own efforts, but also the concern and help of provincial and municipal leaders.

In the future, we will work harder, operate conscientiously, cast quality in good faith, and win the market with quality.

Better service for the majority of customers at home and abroad.